So what is Yu-Gi-Oh! in the Brotherhood?  
First of all its a community of players, fan and judges all passionate about the game.
It is also a thriving tournament environment that caters for duelists of all ages and abilities.
The older players every week ensures a varied and competitive environment whilst ensuring that the younger players are catered for and nurtured in their interests.
We provide different style of tournament every week and we are always providing the latest products release!

So what is Pokémon in the Brotherhood?
Its a community of trainers ready to play with their favorite Pokémon.
It is also 2 Pokémon Professor ready to help and teach new players!
We always encourage young players to join our growing community and we provide help, support, and stategies advice for everyone.
We also create walking events for Pokémon Go, so you can join us, have fun and catch them all!

So what is Card Fight! Vanguard in the Brotherhod?
It's a community of arround 30 players every week ready to have fun!
Here at the Brotherhood, we aim to create a nice chilled out atmosphere with a hint of competition.
We are also one of the biggest Cardfight Vanguard clubs in the U.K , with weekly tournaments held every sunday averaging 20+ players, free food, music, and of course great prizes.
So why not come down play your favourite card game, make new friends, and most importantly enjoy yourselves.

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+44 (0) 79 29 33 67 25

Silverlock TRA Hall
Warndon St
SE16 2SB